The Spiritual Journey of Humanity, Earth, and the Solar System.

Once upon a time a group of conscious beings decided to participate in a great dramatic tale presented onstage in the Cosmos.

A cast of millions signed up to play the part of Humanity, while thousands auditioned and successfully won the parts to play a whole variety of Extraterrestrials. 

The featured roles were given to a group of very special entities chosen to play the Sun, Moon, Venus, Mars, Mercury, Saturn, Jupiter, Uranus, Pluto, Chiron, the Milky Way Galaxy, and other ancient great Divine Cosmic Beings of Light.  Other Light Beings were cast as Humans and Extraterrestrials.  The parts of the evil villains were naturally given to the Dark Beings who also appear as Humans and Extraterrestrials.  The star of this fantastic galactic drama is our one and only very beautiful Earth, also known as Goddess Gaia.  

As the curtain opens we see a once clean and pristine Earth now polluted, choking, suffering from constant warring on her body while her blood is being pumped out and drained by the Dark Forces that have dominated her and Humanity, for eons.   Fear, greed, and hatred instilled into Humanity by the Dark Beings centuries ago, now dominate and control the world on Earth.  Suffering, starvation, and wars are now commonplace everywhere on Goddess Gaia.   Many plants, trees, and animals that have thrived for millennium on Earth’s surface have been slaughtered, destroyed, or vanished into extinction.  Goddess Gaia, the gem of the Universe as referred to by her planet friends, is dangerously ill.

Even while Goddess Gaia is struggling, she and all the other planets in her solar system, individually and collectively as a unit, are changing dramatically.  They are approaching the completion of a 26,000 year cycle when they will come face to face with the center of the grand being known as the Milky Way Galaxy.   Energetically, spiritually, physically, multi-dimensionally, Earth and her planet friends are rapidly preparing themselves for this gigantic, outrageous, breathtaking Divine event.  Alas, we see these planetary Lords and Ladies of the solar system, preparing for the magnificent Royal Ball to be held in the King’s inner sanctum projected to occur in 2012 Earth Linear Time.

When that moment comes to pass, Earth and her planet friends will be all decked out in their new brilliant sparkling bodies of Light, smiling and radiating exuberance as they enter the magical castle of the Divine Milky Way.

As all the Planets including Goddess Gaia prepare for this Divine Cosmic event, so must humanity.  When Earth appears at the entrance to the Galactic Center her inhabitants will be fully realized beings of Divine Love.    This will be one Galactic Royal Ball where only beings of Divine Love and Divine Light will be in attendance.

But time on Earth has accelerated and the projected date of this grand and outrageously magical Cosmic event is swiftly approaching.

The Dark Beings, who have known for centuries about this Divine Galactic event, are now frantic and enraged. They are behind schedule in their plans to prevent this monumental Cosmic event from ever happening. 


Like a cornered wounded wild beast, the Dark Forces viciously and violently claw their way to retain the control that is slipping out of their grasp. They frantically do everything in their power to jeopardize this Cosmic and Spiritual event.  They don’t want a Spiritual Awakening to occur amongst the populations on Earth.  They know once this happens they will loose their control and domination over Earth and humanity.

Now in panic and desperation, the Dark Beings begin to fight amongst themselves while they continue to poison humanity through the food, the air, and the water.  They create more world wars and continue to manipulate the populations with fearful propaganda.

But they are no match for Cosmic, Mystical, and Spiritual forces.   Earth has had enough of death and destruction to herself and her inhabitants.

“Help me!”  Cries out our beautiful Goddess Gaia Earth to her Planet friends, the Galaxy, and the Divine Creator for help.

Da da da DA!  The climatic final scene of this exciting Galactic drama begins!

Legions of Highly Evolved Extraterrestrials of the Light surround Earth and begin to beam Divine Light to Goddess Gaia and her inhabitants.  Many hearts and souls respond to the Light and a Spiritual awakening begins to occur amongst Humanity.  Potentially horrible Earthly disasters initiated by the Dark Beings are thwarted by the Extraterrestrials of the Light outraging the Dark Forces even more.  Great battles occur between the Dark and Light Extraterrestrials over the control of sacred Earth portals, which have been ruled by the Dark Ones for eons. 

Meanwhile, the Sun, moon, and all the planets in Earth’s solar system, the Milky Way Galaxy, and other great Divine Galactic Beings come to the aid of our heroine, Earth.

Behind the scenes in other dimensions, a series of amazing mystical events occur.  These Mystical Cosmic events accelerate and assist Earth, the other planets in her solar system, and Humanity with their personal and collective transformation in preparation for their meeting with the Galactic Center.  Please read Mystical Cosmic Events.

Now the Dark Beings’ weapon of fear begins to become useless as more of Humanity embodies thoughts and actions of Love.  Frightened, outraged, and out of control, the Dark Beings viciously fuel all the hatred they instilled in Humanity long ago.  Wars and violence accelerate on Earth.


But the Dark Forces are losing.  Greatly affected by the Light being beamed to Earth, more and more Dark Beings make their transition into Beings of Light.

With very little time left before the prophesized grand Galactic event of 2012 occurs, what will the remaining Beings of Darkness do to maintain their existence and control on Goddess Gaia, Planet Earth?

Stay tuned as the final Act of this great Cosmic Tale unfolds!

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