Godess Galactica Speaks

Hello! I'm Godess Galactica from the Planet Yebtau!
My mission is to awaken and uplift the spiritual consciousness in all humanity. That is why I am doing these live television broadcasts to your Planet Earth. This is the most important time in the history of your species, Earth People, and a lot of you don't even know what's going on! You have a saying on your planet, "get with the program". Well, come on Earth People, get with the program!!!

All right, I hear some of you saying, "Godess Galactica, what program?" The program I am talking about Earth People, is the spiritual evolution of humanity and the spiritual evolution of your lovely Planet Earth, who is also known as Goddess Gaia. It's time to wake up, Earth People, and reclaim your power and have fun!!! You have the ability to shape shift, teleport, and manifest things out of the air! You are multi-dimensional beings who can transcend old age and death, and ascend with your physical body into a being of light. There are many individuals on your planet who have already done this, and so can you!

Develop a daily spiritual practice. Meditate, pray, stay focused in the love in your heart. And remember Earth People, have FUN!!!
Dance, sing, and rejoice! The moment is NOW!

Hey Earth People, click here to see a video message from Godess Galactica!