Announcements and Events

Mystical Cosmic Events

These Mystical events occurred in the Mystical realm. The dates on which these events took place are in the third dimension, Earth Linear Time.

To appreciate these Divine Events, one must understand that all planets, stars, and galaxies, are conscious live beings.

December 3, 2002 Total Solar Eclipse
The Sun blasted the Earth with this piercing energy which cracked the massive frozen rock hard Darkness that has had a stranglehold on Earth for eons. This energy shooting out from the Sun looked and felt like a lazar beam piercing and cracking a thick, thick rock hard very solid piece of ice. This is a momentous occurrence and a turning point in the shift of power between the Dark and the Light on Earth. From this moment on, the Darkness that exits in, on, or around Earth and Humanity, is no longer solidified. It has been cracked and now can be broken up, released, and transmuted.

August 27, 2003 Mars Alignment
Long ago before there were any human inhabitants at all on Earth, she was a lush green vibrant beauty. Earth was a virgin planet. It was during this time that Space Beings from another far off galaxy came to Earth. These Space Beings deposited some objects in/on Earth, and then they left and never returned. On August 27, 2003, Mars is the closest to Earth than it has been in approximately 60,000 years. It is on this day that we saw the Space Beings. They returned not to Earth but to Mars. We saw one of the Space Beings standing on Mars facing the Earth. At the moment of the closest alignment between Earth and Mars, we watched the Space Being activate those objects in/on Earth they had left behind. These are Sacred Holy Galactic Objects, Crystal Pyramids and other triangular looking objects. This energetic activation is extremely intense. Their work done, the Space Beings depart.

November 8, 2003 Total Lunar Eclipse
The Sun, the Moon, Jupiter, Mars, Saturn, and Chiron all participated in this major Galactic event. When observing an astrological chart of this event one can see these six beings creating a six pointed Star of David over Earth. Above these six star and planetary beings, a HUGE Galactic Being stood presiding over this grand event. At the moment when the mega mystical portal opened, amazing Divine Light, Divine Love, and Galactic energies flooded into Earth. These energies ignited, revealed, and brought forth a very ancient, futuristic, galactic, and magical Mystical Earth. Tremendous extraterrestrial activity participated in this very important event, which, in our experience, brought Earth into a very high dimensional alignment with her other Cosmic brothers and sisters.

(For a more detailed personal experience of this event read the article "Being In The Mystical")

June 8, 2004 Venus Transit
Beautiful Goddess Venus dances her way in front of the Sun. Beautiful veils move around her body as she travels on this prearranged path. She turns her attention to Earth, whom she had made an agreement with ages ago, to have this Divine interaction. Both Venus and Earth agreed that when Venus would be doing this transit she would supply a gift to Earth. So as Venus made her way in front of the Sun she gifted Earth with a shower of Love and the Holy Mathematics of Forgiveness. Now EarthÍs inhabitants contain the Divine Mathematics of Forgiveness. If an Earth Person chooses to forgive another, they now embody the Holy mathematics of Forgiveness, which will make the process of forgiveness much easier.

October 13, 2004 Partial Solar Eclipse
The energy from the good old friendly Sun penetrated Earth pushing out old third and fourth dimensional energies while higher tenth, eleventh and twelfth vibrational frequencies came in. This paved the way for the spectacular Total Lunar Eclipse on October 27, 2004.

October 27, 2004 Total Lunar Eclipse
A major mathematical download for Spiritual Ascension poured into Earth. Simultaneously all the ancient Holy structures and artifacts that exist in and on Earth (many of which have not yet been discovered) were reactivated by this Divine download.

We rejoiced as we watched the capstone on your grand Pyramid of Giza beam out and receive transmissions from another star system in your galaxy. As all this activity took place, your extraterrestrial brothers and sisters of the Light, placed themselves on both sides of the mystical eclipse portal, anchoring the Light during this Divine glorious event.

April 24, 2005 Penumbra Lunar Eclipse
From our vantage point we observed the Earth and Moon simultaneously waiting for the mystical event. It happened quickly. One moment the Earth was her regular self, and in the next moment she immediately blossomed into full-blown Goddess energy full of magic!

October 3, 2005 Solar Eclipse
From very far away, a Divine Galactic Guardian Angel sent Ancient Galactic Mathematics to Earth. This math looks like a beautiful color blend of gold and copper. As a result of this sacred mathematics now embodied in/on Earth, no more is there a dramatic contrast between the Dark and the Light. This beautiful ancient, Divine Galactic Math has fused the Dark and the Light together making it easier for the Darkness to assimilate the Light. All Darkness and Dark Entities are now able to receive and assimilate the Light so much easier, if this is their choice, which allows them to make a total transition into Light so much easier than before.

February 2, 2006
The planet Pluto aligned with Alcyone and the Center of the Milky Way Galaxy creating a portal through which Divine Grace has been flowing to Earth. As a result of this Divine Grace a child has been growing in the belly of Goddess Gaia, Mother Earth. This child is the Christ Consciousness. We perceive it as a sphere of brilliant Divine Light.

March 14, 2006, Penumbral Eclipse of the Moon
During this Lunar Eclipse the Divine Mother appears. She is veiled and protected beneath the Eclipse shadow of the moon. She radiates the most beautiful Holy, gentle, Divine Grace energy. As the moon enters more into the Eclipse, the Divine Mother is completely hidden and cloaked. We no longer see or feel her, only a very strong and powerful Divine Energy. Next we feel a mathematical foundation is being laid within the EarthÍs structure for the approaching Solar Eclipse on March 29, 2006. A lot of work is being done underground beneath the Giza pyramid. In other underground structures there is a lot of extraterrestrial activity.

During the Eclipse climax, the Divine Mother seals, infuses, protects, and activates the Christ core of Earth.

March 29, 2006, Total Solar Eclipse
During the climax of the Eclipse, a mystical door opened in the sun. There stood, all lined up next to one another like soldiers, were perfect equilateral triangles. Each triangle is a conscious entity of holy sacred mathematics with a Divine mission. Suddenly, row after row, the triangles shot out of the Sun into Earth. They felt like vitamins, physically strengthening Earth and preparing her for her ascension into the fifth dimensional frequency. Besides the sacred geometry vitamin beings, this mystical Divine energy of the Father Sun completed the trinity of the two Eclipses. The Christ Core of Earth infused with the protection of Divine Mother and now the Divine Father.

September 7, 2006 Partial Eclipse of the Moon
When the mystical portal opened, we saw a brilliant White Light in a very wide stream containing cylindrical shapes of the most brilliant White Light. It feels like these cylindrical shapes, which have intelligence and consciousness, are new molecular structures of Light for Earth.

September 22, 2006 Annular Eclipse of the Sun
From the other side of the Sun, this beautiful copper colored energy from the future, alive in math and geometric structures, came through a portal of brilliant white orangey Light. The future self of the Earth is merging with the present Earth. We perceive tons of ET activity happening around this event.

November 8-9, 2006 Transit of Mercury
Mercury moves across the face of the Sun. A messenger of the Divine, Mercury pierces deep into the souls on Earth and Earth herself with Divine energy. Mercury, like a mirror of the Divine, reflects back to Humanity and Earth, their own Divinity and their connection with their Divinity. Like a lazar, Mercury sends mathematics of Humanities Cosmic Divinity, to Humanity on Earth. This is the mathematics of who Humanity really is.

March 18, 2007 Solar Eclipse
The Sun is a huge sphere of Golden Light. The entity the Sun is full of Love for the Earth. When the portal opens the Sun sends out that Love to Earth. The sun has a new dimension to it. It appears bulged out.

Two stars or planets far off in the Milky Way Galaxy, not in the Earth’s Solar System, are sending Love to Earth.These planets are friends of Earth, and are fairly close to one another as seen from Earth.

Equinox 2007
The energy from the Eclipse continues but as the portal of the Equinox opens a new energy envelops Earth and the Moon. A new paradigm. A huge energy bubble surrounds Earth. Outrageous galactic stuff will now be revealed.

Comet Passing September 1, 2007
The comet that passes over Earth is a live entity. It has ancient primordial energy. Strong. It communicates with Earth and showers her with that ancient primordial energy. Like an old friend returning in your life that brings out in you an aspect of you that once was: the ancient, galactic, primordial Earth.

August 28, 2007 Total Lunar Eclipse
Divine Creator Mother is in the Moon, paving the way for the Eclipse. As the Eclipse begins a huge entity appears. It is a huge ball of brilliant white Light. It is made up of a zillion crystals. It emits this brilliant Light from inside which goes through its crytaline body out to Earth. It emits magnificent other worldly multi-colored crystalline Light energy. Behind the Crystal Light Being is a funnel shaped portal. We can see through several dimensions in space/time. It is Light there and a yellow peachy color.

When the Total Eclipse occurs, all darkness, the Crystal Entity disappears, and the dimensional portal through which it came is closed and gone. Only still dark sky and still dark everywhere. This is very unusual, as during a Total Eclipse there is always a lot of action. This time, stillness. As the Eclipse begins to move out and the Sun Light shines on the Moon, that magical feeling from the Crystal Entity can be felt again. A new Earth filled with this intense crystalline multi-colored brilliant white Light energy.

This explains why, during the last Eclipse when Divine Creator Mother sent her Love and Light touching all innocents on Earth, we have since then heard and felt all crystals in and on Earth singing and vibrating, preparing for the Crystal Entity.

September 11, 2007 Solar Eclipse
This energy coming from the Sun to Earth is very fine. It is a brilliant white yellow. It is vibrationally very fine and high, to help Earth, like liquid vitamins. It is other dimensional energy. A new molecular structure for Earth. Beautiful, powerful new high and fine frequency energy. This is new Energy from a new Sun.

August 1, 2008 Total Eclipse of the Sun
The sun has become beautiful Light golden bubbly energy. Lots of ET activity around the sun. When the portal opens, tiny live golden little particles that are conscious beings, like cells from inside the Sun, mystical magical energy, shower the Earth. Very Sacred, very Holy. Prior to the Eclipse on the same evening, clouds in the sky over Portland, Oregon turned a golden color after the Sun set.

August 12, 2008 Meteor Shower
The meteors are live conscious beings that came to shower Divine Love on Earth.

August 16, 2008 Partial Eclipse of the Moon
A shower of tiny beings silver white in color and filled with Divine Love raining onto Earth. So Loving are these little live beings; very High Vibrational Frequency. A gift from the Divine Creator Mother.

January 26, 2009 Annular Eclipse of the Sun
As the Eclipse begins a portal opens in the Sun. The New Sun emerges from the Sun. A huge glorious diamond shaped, egg shaped, multifaceted crystalline being of exquisite beauty. This is the mystical Sun. This is the Sun as it's Light Being self.

From this point on, the Light Being Sun is sending Earth and Humanity energy for their Light Bodies. So Earth and Humanity can now be Light Beings.

During the entire Eclipse, old ancient energy from the Milky Way Galaxy itself, comes through the portal to Earth. This energy of Oneness, that Humanity is part of the Divine Entity known as the Milky Way Galaxy and connected to all that It is. Energetically and physically even on a cellular level, Humanity is part of this Divine Entity, the Milky Way Galaxy.

February 9, 2009 Penumbral Eclipse of the Moon
A very deep portal opens. It goes very, very deep dimensionally into time space. Energy coming from very far away. Very fine Light Energy. This very fine high frequency Light Energy is a gift for the ascension of Earth and Humanity. It is assisting in the rapid ascension process.

February 26, 2009 Comet Lulin
Comet Lulin passes around Earth. Feels like a beautiful bird flying around, circling around Earth singing beautiful tones vibrating with the crystals in Humanity's cellular structure. Lulin is to help stimulate and vibrate with Humanity's crystalline self. The Light sweet joyous bird of a comet!

July 7, 2009 Penumbral Eclipse of the Moon
Very secretive. This intense very, very galactic math energy geometric like heavy squares and triangles. Energy feels very metallic coming from a large conscious Galactic entity.

This energy is laying a solid metallic feeling foundation for the upcoming Solar Eclipse. Very heavy duty metallic-like galactic energy.

July 21, 2009 Total Solar Eclipse
During the center of the Eclipse we see little orange yellow beings that look similar to "cheese curls". They are high vibrational beings who live in the Sun in another dimension. They are very loving, very Holy, very high vibrational sending their energy to Earth.

August 5, 2009 Penumbral Eclipse of the Moon
A constant flow of triangular geometric diamond like shaped crystals or diamonds filled with multicolored brilliant Light shining like crystals or diamonds from Divine Mother. A gift of Love and Light for Humanity's new crystalline bodies, and for the new Earth.

December 31, 2009 Partial Eclipse of the Moon
Powerful Divine Mother energy helping to cleanse and release all old emotions, pain, hurts, old wounds in Humanity. When the inner portal of the eclipse opened, a lazar of Light energy coming from deep within the Galaxy shot out to Earth touching deeply, the core of Humanity. Reigniting Humanity with it's Galactic self. Reigniting Humanity's Galactic Self, Humanity's oneness with the Galaxy and all that is.