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Why howdy there. My name is "W..i..n..d..y" Wanda. And my friends call me Windy 'cause I r..i..d..e like the wind. I hail from a small town in West Virginia called Whispers Holler. And I am so very proud and pleased to state that I hold the distinction of bein' the only near-sighted Rodeo Rider in the entire "National Association of Female Buckaroos and Explorers".

I've been ridin' the international rodeo circuit with my faithful horse Whisper, for ten years now and we hold the record for chicken chasin' and goat tail-curlin'. In our spare time Whisper and I enjoy explorin' our spiritual lives together by indulgin' in vision quests and cactus juice in honor of Whisper's Native American Heritage.



The Potheads