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The Potheads
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Hey man, we're the Potheads! We're time travelers from the year 1969! This is an awesome story!

One summer night in the year 1969 just after we graduated from high school, we were sittin' around in the basement of my parent's house groovin' on Led Zeppelin when suddenly this guy appeared in the room. It was like whoa, what's going on! He was bald, and had this pale colored jumpsuit on that mustuv been his skin. He was real friendly and real cool, like really good vibes man! We call him Cool Dude.

Anyway, he asked us if we would like to be ambassadors for peace and love. We said "Sure! That sounds far-out! Cool Dude said he chose us because we were "peaceniks" and he wanted us to travel to different time periods and promote peace and love. We said, "Sure man, that sounds cool!!!" So he taught us how to time-travel and we've been doing it ever since!

Hey man, we gotta' split. OK. Hey, let's go to the year 2512. Far-out!! See ya'!



The Potheads