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My name is Peg "Pork" Hanson and I am a professional pig roper. I own and operate the one and only International School For Pig Roping, located here in the United States of America. Besides my pigs, I also raise and professionally train black ants. My ants hold the title of National Champions at the National Ant Racing Competitions here in the United States of America.

I can tell you right now, that all animals communicate and have thoughts and feelings just like we do. I also know animals can see spirits. When we had a disgruntled spirit causing mischief in our barn, it was my pigs who described precisely to me what the spirit looked like. This information was invaluable, and greatly assisted us in the process of professionally evacuating the spirit.

To sum it up, I, Peg "Pork" Hanson, highly suggest that people begin communicating and listening to their animals. Thank you.



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