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Hey, how ya doin'! My name's Donna. Ok, I'm supposed to say somethin' about myself, so here it is: "something about myself"! (Laughs). OK. I'm sorry. Alright. Well, I'm the lead singer of the Thrashing Toilets; we're an all chick band. Let's hear it for the Thrashing Toilets! OK. Uh, I like gettin' high, oops, I'm sorry. I mean I like being in an altered state! (Laughs.) Ya know after I was on the TV show, that was really cool, uh, the producer told me that if I liked gettin' high I should meditate and pray. I thought she meant I should meditate and pray on gettin' high! (Laughs.) Uh, OK. What she really meant was I could get high while meditating and praying. I never heard that one! (Laughs). Well, anyway, she gave me these audio tapes to listen to and ya know what? They're really cool man! One of them has this really cool chant on it!

Ya know when I'm listenin' to these tapes and doin' this chant, I feel like I did when I saw that spaceship-really tripped out man!!! Ya know, really altered! (Laughs.) I can't believe it! (Laughs).



The Potheads