Being In The Mystical

It was twelve thirty at night. There was no light except from the moon and stars, yet I could see my way perfectly as I walked in the dark. Something on this piece of land had been beckoning me for months, and tonight I was going to discover what it was.

Excitedly, I walked across the grassy expanse. It was as if I was under a spell, and was being drawn to the long row of trees lined up along the waters edge. As I approached my destination pine needles crunched beneath my feet. I stepped in between two of the towering pine trees and stopped. There in front of me was the most dazzling body of water I had ever seen.

Suddenly out of nowhere, a beautiful boy fairy, just as tall as me, walked up from behind me and like a professional servant, he lovingly placed this long majestic cape on my shoulders, which immediately enveloped my entire body in an aura of magic.

Then in two graceful steps he was standing by my side. Cocooned together in love and recognition it was as if we had been close pals forever just waiting for this rendezvous to reunite.

We both stared at the lake in front of us. It was alive! Alive with diamonds! Shimmering, mesmerizing, brilliant white diamonds danced everywhere on the water. Everything else around me seemed to disappear as I watched these radiating little jewels of light sparkling on top of the tiny waves, hypnotizing me deeper, deeper, and deeper into the magic of the lake.

I had stepped into the mystical. The mystical realm here on Earth, which exists all around us.

Since that magical reunion with my fairy friend at the lake, my incredible mystical experiences continued.

It was exceptionally warm on this November evening and I was grateful because a big event was taking place, a Total Lunar Eclipse. My friend and I were on our favorite stretch of beach. We had just finished our individual ceremonies in conjunction with the other world wide participants of the Harmonic Concordance.

By the time we gathered our things and walked back down the beach to the steep rocky path that led to our car, it had gotten dark. As I turned to take a final look at the ocean I spotted a magic box outlined in the sand. Thrilled, I walked swiftly over to it and once standing inside of it I began to pray. Suddenly a huge majestic mountain range rose up out of the ocean not far from the shore. I was stunned! Dripping from its jagged peaks was this fresh, clean, multi-colored crystalline energy. Marveling at this ancient, futuristic, galactic, magical, awesome energy I then noticed it was everywhere around me. No longer was I in 2003. In that moment I was my future self, standing on this multi-colored crystalline planet, experiencing the ancient past, the magical present, and the cosmic future simultaneously.

Once again I had stepped into the mystical.

Whether it is a spontaneous experience or self-induced through prayer, being in the mystical realm is the most amazing, magical, and fun place to be. It is the realm where you find the fairies, the elementals, and the nature spirits. In the mystical you are not limited by time or space. You can be in the future or the past instantly and simultaneously. You can be on other planets in the blink of an eye. You can meet and communicate with other-dimensional Light Beings who live in and on our Earth or other planets. You can speak with the planets themselves and learn secrets of our universe. Being in the mystical is a sacred and holy experience and when you are there you know you are in the presence of the Divine.

How does one get into the mystical? In my personal experience I have so far found only one way. The secret passageway into the mystical realm is through the heart. Whether you are standing on a sidewalk admiring a sunset or at home in meditation and prayer, it is through love that one finds themselves in the mystical realm which is why it is such a sacred and holy experience. Being in the mystical is a Divine gift that is available to us all.

A wonderful and easy way to enter into the mystical realm is through your love for nature. Just let your heart speak its desire to be in the mystical. Then make sure you have no preconceived expectations of when or how it will happen, or what your experience will be like. Because you are venturing into a sacred space don't expect to see signs such as "Mystical Realm Up Ahead" or "Last Rest Stop Before Entering The Mystical." You will know when you are there. The mystical realm exists all around us so you can access it anytime, anywhere. Being in the mystical is all about your heart's desire to be there, then allowing your experience to unfold.

As the Earth, humanity, and our Solar System are rapidly evolving spiritually, in my experience, this process first begins in the mystical. During a new moon, full moon, eclipse, or other cosmic event such as the Mars alignment of 2003 or the Venus transit of 2004 a mystical portal opens. It is through this portal that tremendous amounts of Divine Love and Divine Light have been penetrating Earth. Accompanying this outpouring of Divine energy have been downloads and encodements for our spiritual evolution. Our, meaning not only humanity, but the Earth, Sun, all the other planets in our Solar System, plus our Solar System as a unit is also evolving spiritually.

Earth has always been a mystical planet. But when the darkness came and took over our Earth, most of the magic and other-dimensional beings found in the mystical, hid themselves by retreating deeper into their realm. Some mystical beings transformed themselves into animals so they would be undetected. Trees, cliffs, and stones took on a frozen facade to camouflage and protect themselves and the beings that lay within them, from the darkness.

The time we have been waiting for has finally arrived, and the frozen facade of protection is being shed. The Light is, once again, the dominant vibration on Earth! And with each new or full moon or great eclipse, our Earth will continue to receive gifts of Divine Love, Divine Light, Divine Truth, and Divine Grace to assist her and us in our spiritual evolution. During these events it is time to celebrate in the mystical as this Divine energy flows into our planet nourishing us all.

Magic abounds all around us now on Earth and in our galaxy. Don't be surprised if you receive an unexpected visit from our loving and powerful Sun or witness Venus sending a mathematical download of Forgiveness to Earth. Next time you are at a lake or stream perhaps you may see the little lavender water beings dancing a pirouette or if you look closely, you may see little Light beings living in the droplets of water. If you find yourself in the presence of an old unusual looking boulder, introduce yourself and then listen with your heart. Your boulder friend might proudly state that all the millions of little stones he is composed of are not originally from Earth but are from other places in our galaxy.

Being in the mystical is a Divine experience and for this we bless all the beings that reside in this sacred magical realm.

Whether you are watching fairies frolic among the flowers in the suburbs, or feeling the secrets of the Merlin dancing around you in the wind, in that moment listen for a voice. You may hear it whisper, "Perhaps you are always in the mystical."

2005 Foxy Katarinah Mazar. All Rights Reserved.